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Terrie Viarrial

Terrie Viarrial

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What aspect of your role in senior care do you find most fulfilling?

I truly love being a part of the Gardens on Quail team. As one of the first employees, it has been fun to watch the changes and growth over the years. I love working with seniors, laughing with them, playing and listening to their life stories. I love hearing about what their different jobs and occupations were and what family life was like for them. One of my favorite groups is our Book Club that meets once a week. We read a couple of books about WWI and WWII centered around women who were spies and how courageous they were. The best part was that these ladies lived through WWII and remembered things and people we actually read about in the book and shared how it impacted their lives here in the U.S. One lady’s husband was from Germany and she shared what it was like for him.  We had a lady who was 100 and she remembered a lot of history that she shared with us.

What do you love about our community here?

I love the community here at Gardens. We have created a family like community. Families comment all the time about how our building and community is different than anywhere else they have been. I love that we are a faith-based community and that we are allowed to have church services on Sunday, communion on Wednesday and Bible Study on Thursday. Those groups help develop a sense of community as well. We also have a support group that one of our residents who is 102 started. I tell everyone I know that I am so lucky to go to work and hang out with my best friends.

How does your background or a particular skill benefit our team?

I think my willingness and flexibility to do most positions helps when we are short a team member. I love spending time with our residents and developing friendships and I think that my friendly and approachable personality invites residents to share with me things they are going through and they know I am always available to listen. They know they can approach me when they need anything from shopping to helping them with laundry to getting something special when they are feeling down or overwhelmed. I love encouraging them to be all they can be within their limitations. I also provide encouragement to our staff through birthday cards and staff appreciation events. I also welcome new residents into our community with a welcome basket specific to things they like as well as introducing them to other residents and helping them feel comfortable and assuring them that they will feel like this is home.

What do you enjoy outside work that contributes to your wellbeing or happiness?

I love hanging out with my girlfriends outside of work. I have some very close friends who support, encourage and listen to me when I’m struggling especially when someone passes away. I am in a book club outside of work and a Bible Study so I can stay grounded in my faith. My husband and I enjoy our children and grandchildren and try to spend as much time with them as possible.

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