Hallway Bowling: A Memory Care Strike!

Hallway Bowling: A Memory Care Strike!

Hello, Gardens on Quail family,

Leigh here, your Executive Director at Gardens on Quail, with another heartwarming update from our beloved Memory Care unit.

You might be surprised to hear this, but our corridors recently transformed into a bustling bowling alley! That's right, we had an exhilarating afternoon of indoor bowling, with plenty of strikes, cheers, and laughter filling our hallways. The sight of our residents beaming with joy and engaging in friendly competition was truly a delight to witness.

Bowling, as simple as it may seem, is a fantastic activity for our memory care residents. It provides both a physical and mental workout that promotes coordination, balance, and cognitive skills. Not only is it a fun and social activity, but it also plays a crucial role in encouraging physical exercise, promoting cardiovascular health, and stimulating neural connections.

It's always inspiring to see our residents thrive and enjoy these interactive activities that have been tailored to benefit their physical and cognitive wellbeing. Seeing their excitement when they hit a strike or make a spare, cheering each other on, and eagerly taking their turn, not only builds camaraderie but also fosters a sense of accomplishment.

At Gardens on Quail, we are continually working to provide our residents with a variety of fun and beneficial activities. Our dedicated team always ensures these activities are designed to promote our residents' health and happiness while creating an engaging and joyful environment.

This indoor bowling event has certainly set the bar high, but we are excited about the future activities planned for our wonderful residents. I am personally looking forward to sharing more uplifting stories from our Memory Care unit.

Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, the game of life continues here at Gardens on Quail, and we're all striving for that perfect strike!

With warm regards,

Leigh Boney
Executive Director, Gardens on Quail

Hallway Bowling: A Memory Care Strike!Hallway Bowling: A Memory Care Strike!Hallway Bowling: A Memory Care Strike!
Leigh Boney
February 3, 2023

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