Catching Air: A Day of Parachute Fun

Catching Air: A Day of Parachute Fun

Inside the common area of our memory care neighborhood our residents came together for an exhilarating day of parachute games. The event was a vibrant blend of color, movement, and laughter, proving that fun isn’t just an outdoor activity!

A Colorful Canopy of Joy

With a large, colorful parachute in hand, our residents gathered around in a circle, gripping the handles tightly. The room echoed with laughter as we shook the parachute up and down, causing our Broncos themed lightweight balls to bounce whimsically on the colorful canvas. The backdrop of our familiar common area added a cozy touch to the lively scene.

Fun Meets Fitness

This activity was more than just fun; it was a sneaky form of exercise. The residents engaged their arms and shoulders, lifting and lowering the parachute, which is great for maintaining upper body strength. The best part? Everyone was having so much fun, they barely noticed they were exercising.

Laughter and Connections

It’s moments like these that strengthen our community. Watching the parachute's colors ripple across the room brought out smiles and encouraged everyone to interact and enjoy the moment together. It was a beautiful sight—vibrant colors and happy faces all around.

Stay Tuned for More

A big thank you to all the staff and residents who made this indoor parachute day a blast. We’re always looking forward to more creative and engaging activities here at Arvada's top Memory Care unit at the Gardens on Quail.

Catching Air: A Day of Parachute FunCatching Air: A Day of Parachute FunCatching Air: A Day of Parachute Fun
Jennifer Harrington
March 26, 2024

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