Bouncing Fun with Balloon Volleyball

Bouncing Fun with Balloon Volleyball

Just dropping in to chat about the latest fun that’s been taking over our memory care unit - Balloon Volleyball!

We're always on the lookout for activities that get our residents moving, laughing, and interacting. And let me tell you, Balloon Volleyball checks all those boxes and more. Picture this: a room full of our residents batting a big, bright balloon around, with everyone pitching in to keep it from touching the ground. It’s a hoot!

Don't let the simplicity fool you though. It's not just about batting a balloon around. This game gets our folks moving and grooving, all in the name of fun. It’s gentle on the joints, and helps with things like hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and motor skills. Plus, let's not forget the social aspect - nothing like a friendly game to stir up conversation and laughter!

The magic of Balloon Volleyball lies in its simplicity. Remember the joy of playing with balloons as a kid? It’s like that, but even better because our friends are experiencing it together. A colorful balloon bobbing around the room just naturally invites smiles and cheer.

I’ll tell you what, these sessions are a riot! Full of laughter, light-hearted banter, and good vibes. It’s not about winning or scoring; it’s about having a great time and staying active.

In short, Balloon Volleyball has become a real crowd-pleaser in our memory care unit. We’re excited to keep bringing in more fun activities like this that keep our residents happy and engaged. Here at Gardens on Quail, we’re all about creating a lively, joyful environment where everyone feels at home.

Till next time, stay active and keep those balloons afloat!

Bouncing Fun with Balloon Volleyball Bouncing Fun with Balloon Volleyball Bouncing Fun with Balloon Volleyball
Marci Gerke
February 15, 2023

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