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Stacy Moreno

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 Can you give me a little background about yourself and how you got interested in working with seniors?

For the last 30 years I have worked retail management and dealt with hiring, staffing, interviewing, creating teams, training, etc. So that is the skilled passion that I have.

I worked with the Executive Director at Golden Pond, his wife for the last 22 of those years in that retail industry, and was looking to leave and find something that I felt like I could bring more to.I felt like I had a different purpose.

Last year my mom went through a lot of medical issues and I was surrounded by hospitals, rehab centers, Assisted Living, and then Skilled Nursing. I started filling the passion to find that industry where I felt like I could help with some of the skills that I had from all those retail management years.

I was reached out by the Golden Pond Executive Director saying that this location had an opening for an HR Staffing Manager. And I wanted to know if I was interested and I said most definitely. Just months prior had I been really thinking that there was something different I needed to do so that's how I ended up here.

My day in and day out role is doing the staffing mostly for the care staff and the QMAPs, HR related issues, but really interviewing and trying to create a team of care staff members that really wanna be here and be a part of a great organization and a great family here that can do what they love and be able to provide our residents with some excellent people that really do care and can make a difference in their everyday, and in the caregivers every day with having a great company behind them.

What do you think separates this facility apart from others?

It is the people that you're surrounded by, It's the people in this community. I mean its everyone from the receptionist to the ED, to the activities, to the concierge, to the nurse, the coordinators, everyone is here because they have a story and they care so much and they want to provide that love and care that they have to the residents here.

So it is very much a family atmosphere. No matter if you're on the staff or if you're in the more administration or if you're a resident, you feel the love in the building and you feel the caring. I think we go so above and beyond just to take care of anyone, whether they're going through something emotionally, then we're all there to give hugs, and we spread the word too so if someone doesn't feel good in the building, everyone's going to check on 'em. If someone is sad about something, we're all there to give 'em some hugs, anything that may be going on in people's personal lives we also have a heart for that. And try and find ways to support them and help them and talk them through things.

The open door policy around here is amazing for everybody to lean on each other and have that family atmosphere no matter who you are and what you do. And I think the doing the pieces like I've done serving in the kitchen, I've helped do bingo, I've done a lot of the pieces that I never knew that I would do, but it's because we're family oriented and we wanna help each other out so when somebody's got a need, boy we all come and run in to to help.

I think that's a big difference because I think in a lot of other communities it sometimes that the residents may be known as a room number. We know everybody by name and everything about them.

Any particular memories about working here that you can share?

The biggest thing is the listening. For me I don't necessarily have to be back with the residents but I make it every single morning and every single afternoon I go do my own rounds. I go walk through the neighborhoods, I go talk to the residents. I go check on the care staff to see what they're doing and they're up. And I make myself be involved and I think taking the time to stop and listen, they'll wanna talk to you for a few minutes or, they'll have something to share or ask for something, and taking the time just to sit and listen with them.

We had one of our Memory Care residents that wanted to talk to me and she had this whole story and we sat and just talked for a little while, and then the weekend came, that was like on a Thursday or Friday. The weekend came and I was off and she passed away that Sunday evening. So I was so thankful that I had taken the time to sit and listen and be with her to, for my own sake, because for her it was just somebody to talk to but for me, if I hadn't taken the time to visit with her, how I would've felt that Monday morning coming in and knowing that I didn't take the time to be with her.

Any thoughts for people wanting to work at this facility?

We are great at providing resources like CPR classes. We do Dementia classes so that we can train our staff about what our residents are going through and how to best handle it ourselves and how to support them. But using resources to get that training and education. We also provide the med tech, which is the QMAP classes. We pay for that for our staff to be able to come in and educate themselves more. It also is a pay rate increase for them to be Q mapped. So if they're not and they come in as a caregiver, then we take the time to schedule them for that class and provide them, and then be able to bump their pay for that piece. Our current open job offers can be found here.

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